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On the Ground

1. Punishment
When she was a child, Kaylee lived in fear of her Ma’s punishments; her Daddy had given her one or two whuppings her backside ached to remember, but her Ma used to forbid her to hang around her Daddy’s garage – and that was just plain vicious, as far as Kaylee was concerned.

2. Language
She was fixing a doodad in her daddy's garage one day when a customer asked her where she'd learned to be a mechanic in that half-joking, half-insulting way that some grown folks used to talk to kids; she hadn't known what to say, but her daddy, overhearing, had replied, "Machines just talk to Kaylee there. She asks them what’s wrong and they tell her."

3. Lies
"Why, no," Kaylee blinked innocently at the unbelievably gorgeous new worker her Daddy had just hired, "I don't got no idea how a grav boot works. Show me?"


In the Black

4. Rock
Her hips rocked with Bester's thrusts as she looked about herself with wide eyes, taking in all the details – sex was fun and all, but she was on board a real live Firefly, and engine parts were more interesting than man parts any day of the week!

5. Abstract
She gazed at the reg couple and thought she might display it on a shelf in her new quarters; as engine parts went, it made great abstract art.


6. Ground
Kaylee didn’t watch the ground of her home planet recede into the distance as she took off in her shiny new ship for the first time; she was much too busy looking at the stars.


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