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What's New?

November 17, 2010
Hurt (367 words.)

The Stories

Three short glimpses of Willow's relationship with her magic. PG. 367 words.
Just Married
Angel. Fred is wearing an ugly dress, Wesley is sarcastic, and Gunn has a thing. G. 472 words.
Heaving Historical Love
OMG, I totally wrote this for the LOLZ! Read&Review! Kthxbye! Written for the badfic drabble challenge. G. Femslash. 122 words
The Greatest Love of All
Written for the icon drabble meme. PG-13. Femslash. 165 words.
Four Spells that Tara Never Cast (And One She Did)
Five AU Tara-centric drabbles. PG. 500 words.