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Buffy lay in bed, enjoying the feel of another body curled up against her own. She idly stroked her lover's back and admired the smooth, soft texture of the skin - so warm and inviting. And realistic. "I've gotta say, Warren may be a misogynistic jerk, but he does good work."

She felt the Buffy-bot's lips curve into a smile against her neck. "I'm a high-performance machine!"

That startled a burst of laughter out of her. It felt good to laugh. She hadn't done much of it lately. "I'll say!"

The 'bot lifted her head to smile perkily at Buffy. The change in position caused her naked breasts to press against Buffy's own; pleasure zinged through her body at the sensation. "My sexual database is quite large! Should I demonstrate?"

"Please!" As the 'bot's clever fingers worked their magic, Buffy started to giggle. "After all, they say that learning to love yourself is - oh my God, that feels good! - is the greatest love of...of - oh, yes!"


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