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Lady Buffy of Sunnydonia turned to the Witch of the Willows. "O Willow!" she despairingly cried out in despair. "I am in despair!"

"What's wrong?" the strawberry-haired witch asked.

Duchess Buffy shook golden tresses out of her limpid blue eyes. "Evil King Giles is forcing me to -- to--" Her bosoms heaved.

"Yeah?" the Willow-Witch asked, eyes riveted. Then she looked at Buffy's face.

"Marry Angel of Broodington!" Countess Buffy burst into tears.

"Noooo!" Sir Xander popped up from behind a bush. "I'll kill him!"

"Xander, no!" Princess Buffy yelled. But it was too late. He was gone already.

The redheaded witch embraced Lad-- I mean, Duch-- Prin-- whatever, the blonde chick, you know who I mean. "He'll be okay. Stay here and make out with me."

And they did.


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