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What's New?

January 3, 2010
Lost Souls (3,451 words.)

The Stories

Lost Souls
SQ investigates a haunted house. 3,451 words.
On their way home from Shadow Valley, Paul and Alva stop to examine a crop circle. G. 347 words.
Four Times Alva Didn't Kill Paul, and One Time He Did
The first time Alva thought about it, he considered the idea carefully. G. 1,492 words.
Succulent (The Orchard of Dreams Remix)
In his dream, Paul lifted the glistening wedge of the orange to his lips and bit into the ripe flesh. PG-13/R. Crossover with Supernatural. 114 words.
Family Ties
Evelyn and Alva comfort each other. (A missing scene from "Paul Is Dead.") G. 1,245 words.
Ho, Ho, Ho
SQ spreads some Christmas joy. G. 218 words.
At the Movies
A teenaged Paul and Georgia sneak out of the orphanage to go to the movies. PG. 1,168 words.