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November 17, 2010
Psych: Keen Powers of Observation (735 words)

Stories in Other Fandoms

The 4400
Words (657 words.) While driving out to the cabin, Lily tries to write Isabelle a letter. G.
The Big Bang Theory
The Seat Reacquisition Conundrum (The Crossover Job Remix) (295 words.) "You're in my seat," Sheldon said to the strange blonde woman. G. Crossover with Leverage.
Criminal Minds
Knowledge Is Power (233 words.) Reid thinks about what he knows. PG.
Three Pickup Lines That Failed to Work on the Hot Babes of Law Enforcement (1,009 words.) Crossover with CSI. PG.
Doctor Who
Lucy Saxon Is Dead (722 words.) Lucy picked up the gun. PG.
Due South
Huddling for Warmth (The Poorly Guarded Border Remix) (100 words.) This was dangerous weather. Hypothermia weather. PG.
House, M.D.
Lost (The Pandora's Gift Remix) (542 words.) Stacy waited for Greg to wake up. G.
Steal It! (The Crazy Girl Remix) (394 words.) "You want to steal the cane," the duck recommended. Crossover with Wonderfalls. G.
Addiction (The Methadone Remix) (100 words.) Other people don't understand why they're friends. G.
Hurog novels
Trust (1,262 words.) Oreg learns what trust really means. PG.
Zen and the Art of Interior Design (The Charlie's Couch Remix) (352 words.) Dani would never admit it, but she liked Crews's house. PG-13.
A Morning Conversation (1,077 words.) Lee and Joe have a conversation. G.
Keen Powers of Observation (735 words.) "Yeah, okay, I have to tell you something, Dad. Just...promise me you won't freak out?" G.
And I Feel Fine (850 words.) "Seriously, Gus, Night of the Living Dead lied to me. 28 Days Later is nothing but a web of falsehood and deceit!" G.
Quantum Leap
Blue Christmas (207 words.) A look at Al's first Christmas after Sam leaps the first time. G.
Once Belonged (1,048 words.) Al thinks about what it means to belong. PG.
Dead or Alive (1,836 words.) Sam is going to bring Dean back, no matter what the cost. Spoilers for "No Rest for the Wicked." PG-13.
Succulent (The Orchard of Dreams Remix) (114 words.) In his dream, Paul lifted the glistening wedge of the orange to his lips and bit into the ripe flesh. PG-13/R.
How to Survive Being Lost at Sea (The Contingency Plan Remix) (500 words.) And then, the sharks show up. G.