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Jayne leaned back in his chair, plonking his boots down on the kitchen table, as cool as an Alliance man's heart. He might have only a pair of two apricots, but 'twernt no need to let the world know it. "I'll see your evening of washing dishes, and I'll raise you a week of garbage."

Wash threw down his cards. "I'm out. Too rich for my blood. You kids have fun."

Simon had bowed out three hands ago, Zoe four, and none of the rest of the crew had felt like playing tonight. Which just left...

River smiled gleefully. "In an infinite universe all things are possible."

Jayne scratched his head. She'd been jawing like that all night. "So? We gonna play cards or what?"

"The universe is infinite, but Tall Card is finite, a closed set." She tossed in her chips. "Logically, trash should be finite, but it does seem to stretch on into infinity, without end." She was grinning like a maniac.

Jayne sat up straight and edged his chair away a little. Nobody got that excited over garbage duty. Tweren't natural. "So, what'cha got?"

She flipped her cards over to reveal four beautiful plums on the other side. "Four of a kind! I win!"

Jayne shrugged. He really shoulda known better than to try to bluff a genius who could read his mind.


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