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What's New?

July 28, 2007
Win Some, Lose Some (218 words) "So? We gonna play cards or what?" G.

Drabbles (100 words each)

Inara has more self-discipline than that. PG.
Paper Sun
Jayne looks better in red. River's POV. G.
Moments Like This
River doesn’t get many moments like this. G.
The Last Session
Dr. Matthias observes Session 416. PG.
Other Plans
Simon reflects on life. G.
Act of Faith
Writing calmed her, despite her doubts. G.
One Thing
No one was coming for them. G.
Lilacs Out of the Dead Land
April is the cruellest month. G.
Time, Like a River
Like water, she flows. G.
Where the Heart Is
Home is where the heart is. G.
So how did River come to the Academy's attention in the first place? PG.
Crash and Burn
Wash asks Zoe out. G.

Short Short Stories (101-999 words each)

Beginnings (251 words)
Kaylee's life before Serenity. PG.
To Be A Dancer (578 words)
It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer. G. Regan Tam.
Weapon (307 words)
She lay on the floor of her cell, and listened. PG. River. Pre-series.
Win Some, Lose Some (218 words)
"So? We gonna play cards or what?" G. Jayne, River.

Short Stories (1,000-7,500 words each)

Lost And Found (1,478 words)
The feeling of being watched haunted Simon's dreams. Simon/River. PG-13. WARNING! Crazy space incest!